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Welcome to my website!

I began playing acoustic guitar some 40 years ago and since then have also become a composer, arranger, producer and author for articles in music magazines. Some may describe my style as "Celtic Finger Style Guitar", but there have been elements of other musical genres which have influenced my playing, such as classical and jazz.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my website.

Jens Kommnick (© Manfred Pollert)

Unterschrift Jens Kommnick

What people say...

  • „Jens Kommnick is, for all his modesty, one of the most interesting and creative German musicians involved in the culture of Celtic countries - if not the most interesting of all.“
  • „Jens' playing and music go straight to the heart and to the heart of the mind. He is a gift both as a person and a musician.“
    Reinhard Mey
  • „There are few musicians willing to let their music percolate to such a rich consistency as German acoustic guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Jens Kommnick.“
    Irish Times
  • „I love Jens' albums - the Baroque stuff is really classy!"
    Tony McManus
  • „Celtic fingerstyle meets witty baroque and takes us to genial new sounds."
    Akustik Gitarre
  • „Jens is firmly and unequivocally in the very top international league of Celtic guitarists.“
    Ian Melrose