Lights on the Ocean now on notation/tabs

Hi all, a good few people asked me about the notation/tabs for my piece "Lights on the Ocean". Well, I wrote them down, and you can find them here 😊

Lights on the Ocean

Now on Bandcamp

I am very excited to announce that all my music is now available on Bandcamp. Maybe you would like to follow me in order to be kept up to date with what I'm up to... Thank you 😊

Now on Bandcamp

New February Release

I hope you enjoy this wonderful composition by Nollaig Casey which I learned from my friend and concertina player Georg Möllers. You find this release on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, etc. I like to dedicate this to my friend, the late Hans-Jörg Podworny and his family.

New Single

New single

I'm so excited to tell you about my newest single release on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, etc. This time I recorded a beautiful piece by 16th century composer and lutenist John Dowland: Come again. I hope you love this endearing melody as much as I do, even though I play it on a steel string guitar in the open DADGAD tuning.

Neue Single: Come again

New recordings on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music & Co

Although I can't play any concerts these days I still love to be productive, so I decided to come up with new arrangements, record them in my home studio and share them on the relative online platforms. If you happen to be a Spotify user I would be grateful if you would add my pieces to your playlists. My goal is to release a new single each month, and if you follow my Spotify channel, you will always be up to date. Thanks a million!

Spotify & Co